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About Us


Drum Roll is historically is recognized as a medium of communication and signaling . It has its origins across various cultures across the world, where in the drums and its rolling has meant different things to its audience.

Rolling of the Drums has been symbolic of building up a sense of anticipation and holding on to its audience attention for announcing an important event or to signal a fresh start. It has been an integral part of all armies across world , where drummers would gallantly lead the forces to battle field on beats of Drum Roll.

For us Drumroll signifies the same fresh start and a promise to promote and match our clients objective through rolling out fresh ideas and leading the charge at ground level.

  • Retail Solutions
  • Navigation & Streetscape
  • Events
  • Exhibitions

Our inspiration

A young ,confident and talented drummer stepping out of the box, treading fearlessly on a new journey marching and rolling out new ideas on the rolls of his drum…


To be the preferred solutions provider in the Retail, Advertising and Events domain with no boundaries spirit and passion


Rolling out of the Box solutions to our clients and lead the industry by setting high standard of delivery at all levels and demonstrating as a self example…


Integrity, Dependability, Creative and Fearless